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Speeches ( speech script in text, Audio speech, Video speech )

Toastmasters Project 6 Speech by Eashwari from CMS

  Toastmasters Project 6 Speech - Vocal Variety Speech Title : Patience and Perseverance can overcome mountains! by...

Good to Great by Ramakoti Mandla


Mentors make a difference in life


Mahesh Special Occasion Speech Roasting Meghala @ Dhwani Toastmasters

Mahesh Special Occasion Speech Roasting Meghala @  Dhwani Toastmasters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2LznqO6xSE&feature=youtu.be    

Toastmasters Project 2 Speech by Prathyusha

Toastmasters Project 2 Speech 3 Months, Rs. 3000 and   An Arranged 'Happily Ever After'   No characters appearing in...