IceBreaker speech by Kirti


Kirti Didwania gave her Austin Toastmaster's Icebreaker speech titled, "A Good Life" found on youtube.

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  1. Really a great start by the speaker.

    One of the best ever Ice breaker speech that I have witnessed. Also this is one of the most popular youtube video for the search term 'Icebreaker speech'.

    Fantastic opening by the speaker grabs the audience attention for sure.

    She gets to the point about introducing herself at the beginning and speech transition is very smooth with good supporting facts or incidents or experience w.r.t speaker.

    I hardly find the fillers in this speech and speaker has a good grasp on grammar. I don't find any nervousness too and didn't use any notes.

    Conclusion is good and there are chances for improvement to make it a lasting impression on your audience.