Ice Breaker Speech by Nanda Kishor


Hurrah! I’m ON TOP OF THIS WORLD, shouted aloud with full of excitement upon reaching Khardung-la pass, the highest motorable road in the world, which is located in the Leh Ladakh region of India.

Fellow toastmasters and esteemed guests – the person who was on top of this world is in front of you to reveal more details about myself by giving highlights of my entire life.

Ice Breaker Speech by Nanda Kishor


My name is Nanda Kishor, that's another name for Sri Lord Krishna. Family members call me as Kishor and rest of the world call me as Nanda. Hardly few people call me by full name "Nanda Kishor". Let me spell it correctly for you, it is 'N A N D A  K I S H O R'.


* 4th son to my parents, youngest & most pampered in my family. Thats the advantage of being the last kid & I'm blessed 😉
* My mom is an home-maker and my father is now enjoying his retired life. Earlier he used to work as an accountant in a private firm for 25+ years.
* I had a happy childhood and I’m accompanied by THREE elder brothers so it was like a total boys zone at home. I had a nice time fighting with my immediate brother as the age difference between us is very less (still it is continuing). 

* I did not find much difficulty during my childhood as there were NO or very less responsibilities for me compared to my brothers.

Birth Place
* I was born and raised in Bangalore city, popularly known as Pensioners paradise, silicon city, garden city, etc.
* I personally feel Bangalore is still the best city to live in, mainly because of its moderate weather climate through out the year and several other factors.

* By the way, my birth day falls on May 18th so I didn’t get a chance to celebrate any of my birthdays at School like any other kids due to summer vacations. Just for my satisfaction, I used to distribute sweets or chocolates to my classmates & teachers once the school re-opens in June. I hope people who were born during summer vacations can understand my pain 😉

* I studied state syllabus till 10th standard and used to be the topper or atleast one among the top 5.
* As a child, I always wanted to become a Doctor so that I can inject someone who troubles me. You can think of it as a self-protection rather than considering it as a profession. In reality, I'm an Engineer today instead of becoming Doctor but no regrets.


College Life
* I still remember the moment in which I won the Chess Game against computer at my brother’s office when I was in 8th standard that brought me close to this IT industry. Thanks to my 2nd brother for introducing me to the computers.

* Then I studied 3 years Polytechnic course in Computer Science (CS) at VET college at JP Nagar after my 10th or SSLC
* My immediate brother was doing computer business (to be specific data entry job) along with his friends. At that time computer was at home and I used to play games during his liesure time. So that's another reason or an easy choice for me to choose Computer Science course.

* My parents had a wish to see atleast one of their son either as an engineer or as a doctor. Even I was interested to study engineering and I joined engineering college after I got a good percentage of marks in Diploma or 3 years polytechnic.

* Till that time, I had a feeling that I am not enjoying my student life and something was really missing.

* Engineering days was the turning point in my life which helped me to explore more about myself. I became a back bencher and started enjoying more while maintaining good track record in academics, started playing cricket by bunking classes, enjoyed the lush green college campus, started identifying unique talent among friends, had lot of fun,used to travel 50kms per day by BMTC or government bus as it was located in the outskirts of Bangalore and we used to enjoy the journey despite of long distance for commuting.

* Finally with the support from the family members preferably my elder brother and blessings from loved ones, I completed B.E. Computer Science with distinction marks.

1st JOB
* After I graduated, Everyone was very happy at home and then my dad & myself started calling one by one till all the numbers in our personal telephone directory are covered in order to share the happy news to the relatives that I’m an ENGINEER now 🙂

* This happiness didn't last long since the same people started tagging me as “UNEMPLOYED”. 
* After I got the degree, first 2 months passed just like few minutes and enjoyed playing cricket, eating out, relaxing for long time. Slowly all of my friends got the job and I became the odd man out. Gone through the frustration phase of 4 months which I felt like years. During this time, I designed and developed a C/C++ programming website which became a super hit and earned good recognition as well as little money too.

* Finally I got my first job at Vistech after 5 months of degree completion and served there for 1 year. During that time, I got 4 times hike in an year.

* Later I joined Sun Microsystems with 250% hike, really i'm not joking! I was speechless for few seconds when Sun made me an offer to join. Without any thoughts, I joined Sun which was one of my dream company that time and thats an Aha moment of my life.

* I learnt lot of things from Sun and proud to say that i'm an Ex-Sun employee.
* I came to Oracle through Sun acquisition and started learning new technologies here.

* Once I started earning, I started exploring various places and decided to go for 1 to 2 big trips every year plus few small trips whenever time permits. 

* My best bachelor bike trek was going to Khardung La pass, highest motorable road in the world. When I reached that place by Bike from Manali by covering nearly 450 kms which took 3 days, I was not able to believe that I reached the destination which is 18,380 feet above the sea level. That helped me to understand my strengths and weaknesses. I'm very lucky to witness the scenic beauty of Leh/Ladakh and still I'd love to go again to the same place in the future too.


Life Partner 
* I’m lucky to get Divya as my life partner and ours is an arranged marriage.
* She is young, charming lady with good sense of humor, very straight-forward and most importantly she wears a good smile on her face. And she hates procrastination!
* She also loves to travel, likes exploring delicious food like me, etc and share lot of common interest with me.

* Earlier I never used to celebrate new year. Now every new year is like a festival for us because my wife delivered a cute little angel on Jan 1st 2011. Now new year always begins with my daughter's birthday.

* We named her Nidhi which means Treasure. We are blessed to have such a lovely treasure.
* She appeared in many newspapers, tv news channels and she is popularly known as 1-1-11 baby.

* Building high traffic websites is my dream and still working towards it. Apart from that I play cricket, chess and table tennis. I love to do blogging when I get some time.

* After marriage & kid, one more round of advice came from different people and they started suggesting me to buy a site or house in Bangalore. So I ended up buying nearly 10 sites but I can’t live there because they are all websites of my own. Also sometime back I started realizing we are all going through the identity crisis and how can I stand apart from the crowd in this digital age….Then one among the 10 sites that I bought is to get connected with my friends and acquaintances who are the constant source of inspiration for me.

Few words that best describes me are: Webmaster, Java Enthusiast, Enterprise Portal Developer, Foodie, Traveller, Loves Photography, Simply Veggie, Ex-Sun Employee, Proud Dad, last but not the least "An INDIAN" 🙂

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