Born This Way by Anusha Alva


Speech Title : Born This Way  by  Anusha Alva

Toastmasters Project 7 speech – Research Your Topic

Your speech will be more effective if you can support your main points with statistics, testimony, stories, anecdotes, examples, visual aids and facts. You can find this material on the Internet, at a library, and in other places. Use information collected from numerous sources and carefully support points with specific facts, examples and illustrations, rather than with just your own opinions.


  • Collect information about your topic from numerous sources. 
  • Carefully support your points and opinions with specific facts, examples, and illustrations gathered through research
  • Time: 5 – 7 minutes 

Full Video Speech

Same speech repeated at IIMB :

Born this way speech at Orators club, IIM Bangalore, Bannerghatta Road. She won the BEST speaker award for her speech at IIM Bangalore.

Anusha Alva is a member of IBC Titans Toastmasters

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  1. Speech opening can’t be better than this. Kudos for that. Choosing such kind of topic is not an easy task and you did justice to it. Your speech is really an eye-opener for many of us. Overall your speech is loaded with full of facts and figures. Good job done.







    Speech Opening was very catchy. Describing how much stress Hijras are going through with some examples one can relate to are simply superb.

    Speech is full of facts and figures illustrated with the help of charts, news, etc but quoting the source will help audience to know that its a real fact and it is not just your views. Conclusion should have been better with some call to action.