Be Like Water by Ajay Chitharanjan


Toastmasters District 92 Winning Speech : Be Like Water


Ajay Chitharanjan

Full Video Speech


Full Speech (Audio Only)

The audience was mesmerized by his speech at IBC Titans Toastmasters club.

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  1. Everyone knows why this speech worked at our district and what were its strengths as a speech.
    I am trying to throw a light on why this speech did not work at the World Championship Semifinals:
    – Having the message of Bruce Lee, given through a french traveller, narrated by an Indian, this is an unnecessary confusion which has no meaning in the speech.
    – The french traveller has a south Asian accent and not a French accent, also the sentence constructs are similar to that of a Cantonese/Mandarin speaker. This reduces the conviction that audience will have about the story.
    – The key message is what was conveyed by Bruce Lee, why should I listen to Ajay tell the same message to me? International audience might wonder
    – Ajay projects himself to be a carefree person, yet the speech content says that he has a backup for everything, again questions conviction.

    Though the speech is well organised, well executed and enacted on stage, these, in my opinion are the big questions that Ajay should ask himself