Reading our native literature by Balaji Ramaswamy


Demo speech : Reading our native literature by Balaji Ramaswamy

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Full speech script is published by the speaker Balaji in his blog at

Balaji Ramaswamy was the demo speaker at the IBC Titans club level evaluation speech contest.

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  1. In speech body, you’ve chosen good supporting facts and explained it very well to make the audience believe in what you want to say. I liked the way you compared the speed of sound w.r.t native literature and recent scientific study. Other examples were appropriate and to the point. You have the greate power to persuade, motivate, and inspire the audiences. Definitely there is a good learning or takeaway from this speech. Conclusion was good but see if you can improvise it to make it more effective.







    Good start. Example w.r.t speed of sound is thought provoking. You made it interactive by asking questions w.r.t Harry Potter and our native literature to grab the audience attention - Very well executed.

    Voice modulation was good near the end, preferably while saying 'holding the butter in hand...'. Otherwise, it was monotonous - Maybe you can try to improve on voice modulation. Other than that, I don't have any suggestions for areas of improvement.