Maldives – A paradise by Nanda Kishor


Toastmasters Project 4 Speech : How to Say It ?

Speech Title : Maldives, A Paradise by Nanda Kishor



A Synonym for Heaven, well it is indeed Maldives in my Opinion. A Few Adjectives that I could think of are Marvelous, Mind Blowing, Rejuvenating, Awesome, Totally Mesmerizing, to name a few. A string of pearls scattered over the deep blue Indian Ocean – The first glimpse you get of this fascinating atoll…

Maldives, A paradise
Maldives, A paradise


Body of the speech:
Mr. Toastmaster, fellow speech crafters & esteemed guests,

Scholars believe that Maldives derives from the Sanskrit word "Maladvipa" which literally translates to Garland of Islands?

It was just like a dream come true when I actually saw the eye captivating view from the Sky?? through the teeny weeny window of the aeroplane….

It was absolutely mesmerizing, right at the first glance, Sun, sand and sea, a thousands of small islands, massive lagoons with different depths and infinite shades of blue and turquoise, dazzling underwater coral gardens; a perfect natural combination for the ideal tropical holiday destination.

And thats exactly why, Me and My Wife chose Maldives for our first Holiday together!

We were in Maldives on a Package tour that consisted of 4 Nights and 5 Days stay which included airfare, airport transfer, accommodation & food.

It just took us 2 hours to reach Male, the capital of Maldives from Bangalore, via Indian Airlines. Male international airport, The only international airport of the Maldives, is located on the Hulhule island.

At one of the security check point, a security officer started frisking me as part of security measures. Then he took the metal detector to start scanning my body. All of a Sudden, it emitted rapid constant beeps and i was enquired "What is it ?". I calmly responded "Its my sacred thread made of Silver" and they let me go!

The moment I stepped out of the cruise that led us to the ?Paradise Island Resort? from Male International Airport. I felt as if I had reached Heaven – The Paradise in the Truest sense!

Unfortunately, we are non-swimmers so we are not allowed to try Snorkelling & Scuba Diving, but to our surprise there were plenty of water sports for us too….
We experienced water sports like Parasailing, Submarine Drive and Jet skiing…..

Parasailing was an ultimate experience for us, as it was the FIRST time for both of us and believe me we were 150 feet above the Indian Ocean…. And the guy who was driving the Speed boat let us know that we were Parasailing using the biggest parachute, they have in Maldives which added to our excitement… The parachute was 39 feet in Diameter!

Submarine Drive was again an experience in itself which offered an opportunity to view the underwater marine life ? It was miraculous when we saw a small Shark with our very own eyes?. We were able to see different kinds of fishes in different shapes, sizes and fascinating colors which we were able to map with the Chart provided to us!

The Araamu Spa of the Paradise Island offers a wide choice of rejuvenating treatments to choose from, in an ambiance created from the perfect combination of spa elements; music, textures, aromas and lighting. Our unforgettable experience began from the moment we were personally escorted through a private lush garden to the spa suite. We decided that the perfect time to get a massage is the Day of Departure from Male back to India.
We went in for a Body Polish which gave was an absolutely rejuvenating experience.

Not to forget the beautiful ambiance of the five star Paradise Island resorts, beach facing air – conditioned rooms equipped with open showers, spacious bath tub with beach towels handy??. The room included cool interiors which also offered a lot of privacy too.

Maldives is not just a Paradise for honeymooner's but makes a perfect holiday destination for the complete family too and it is a must-go destination for water sport enthusiasts. A vacation in Maldives can be spent either by learning the art of doing nothing, or by enjoying activities you love to pursue in your free time.

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