Quick gun murugun meets Nanda by Nanda Kishor


Humorous Speech 

Quick Gun Murugan meets Nanda


Nanda Kishor



I found myself in front of the Gateway of India, Mumbai where Quick Gun Murugan just returned after reincarnation approved by Chitra Gupta!

Body of the speech:
Mr.Toastmaster, Fellow Speechcrafters & Esteemed guests,

The first Tamil South Indian Cowboy in the making, I was absolutely stunned, looking at the Tall man with a Pink Scarf around his neck. He was wearing a Silky Green shirt along with an overcoat which had a Cheetah skin print on it. He slowly but firmly walked towards me wearing an orange pant, covered with high leather boots at the bottom, held on the waist using a Cowboy Belt?.
Oh man the Gun Holster with two guns on both sides caught my attention.

Quick Gun Murugun meets Nanda
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The Cowboy hat on his head and the goggles he was wearing made it seem like he was going to gulp the Villain (Rice plate Reddy) I Say!
I immediately recollected the trailers of the Movie QGM with wealthy, lively colors & finely executed extraordinary effects! He is the man who protects the weak with his incredible pistol skills and impeccable fashion style.

I cleared my eyes to check and also pinched myself to be doubly sure that it was him, the Dude, I was longing to meet. Oh Man that attire was really bright and suited him very well.

As he walked towards me, I was all excited and a hundred questions struck my mind. I was waiting to shoot him, Of course with QUESTIONS! ?

He came sufficiently close to me and seemed to be a little worried. Without a moment of hesitation, he said ?I am Quick Gun Murugan, I say!?. But I felt that he lacked that confidence & style in his speech as compared to what I had seen in the Movie last week.
All the questions submerged in my mind and I thought it was more important to know the cause of his botheration.

As soon as I inquired him, he was more than ready to seek help from me to fight against the cruel Rice Plate Reddy whose bad intentions were to convert all the vegetarian restaurants to non vegetarian.

I am amazed at the proceedings of the day, I was more than willing to help my hero. What could be a better act than this! I reciprocated; VEGETARIANISM is the NEED OF THE HOUR! He patted on my back and began introducing the people we had to collectively deal with.

The first was the Rice plate Reddy?s very own gang of wicked boys lead by ?Gun Powder?. The Gun powder is accompanied by a gang of boys called the ?MolagaPodi Boys? who threaten the Restaurant Owners to Non Vegeterianize. I was really worried for a moment but then I summoned up enough courage to face them & fight. Within a blink of an eye, I found myself dressed just like QGM. We looked alike, all set to attack the cruel guys.
Oh what a fortune to be dressed like him and eradicate the cruelty!!

In the meantime, the news had reached Rice Plate Reddy and so he had employed the MBA Rowdy as well due to the fear of double power.

We set forth to accomplish the rescue mission intended for the welfare of all vegetarians as if we represented GO GREEN!
The duo, Quick Gun Nanda and Murugan meets the Villains?

We pulled out the Guns from our holsters, QGM Shot on a mirror which reflected the bullet on to the forehead of the MBA Rowdy.
We finished all the Molagapudi boys one after the other?

Now came the time to put an end to the cause, the ultimate Rice Plate Reddy. I was presented with the Golden Opportunity to do the Honors for RPR.  I pulled the trigger of the revolver, and ALAS! My 12 yr old nephew shook me, holding a toy gun to wake me up from a deep sleep with a wonderful dream.

This is THE END. I SAY! 😉

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