Toastmasters Project 4 Speech by Amrutash



Toastmasters Project 4 Speech : How to say it ?


Speech Title : Story about Strawberry






Amrutash is a member of IBC Titans Toastmasters and VP-PR of the club at the time of delivering this speech.

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  1. A very nice story. I liked the meaningfulness of the story. Kudos for the choice of the story.

    Here are the things I wish to understand from you:
    – I was perfectly able to understand the symbolism of the tiger on the top and the bottom. Also the rat nibbling. I had trouble understanding the symbolism of the strawberry. I would have been able to connect if you said that it is cherishing, relishing or enjoying the moment rather than worrying about the past, the future or the present nagging. Opportunities normally are doors for the future or something that will lead us to our dreams/desires/vision. That was the disconnect I had, I would have loved to understand the symbolism as you saw it better to understand it better.
    – In CC4, the key aspect will be to use language to help the audience see, hear, smell and feel the story. I see that there is a huge scope for that in this story. You have used your body language to describe the scene, can you try the same with words to explain the scene? Need not be poeting, but descriptive language which will make the audience experience the two tigers and the rat in from of them??
    I enjoyed the value that you try to communicate with your speech and really appreciate the value you added to this speech. Kudos.