Inspire your audience by Aarthi Sridhar


Toastmasters Project 10 Speech


Inspire your audience


Aarthi Sridhar




With this speech, she completed all her 10 speech projects from Toastmasters Competent Communicator manual.

Aarthi Sridhar is a member of IBC Titans Toastmasters.

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  1. Congratulations once again for completing your CC10 ! You nailed it 🙂







    What a persuasive speech Aarthi ! I must say in CC10, you had included all the objectives from way beginning ! I liked your usage of so many examples used to illustrate how people have pursued their passion .Good stage presence, voice clarity,confidence !

    My only suggestion is you have many good thoughts to put across ,But at times, I feel you can frame the sentences better at some places where they can actually make a lasting impact .

  2. Hi Aarthi,

    Really liked your thought process and the meaningful topic you chose to inspire the audience.
    The quantity of examples you have used to make us understand your thought process shows the amount of effort that you have invested in preparing the speech, I am sure that this dedication will take you a long way.

    I would love to share a few questions I wish for you to ask yourself if you were to re-write this speech:
    – Would you love it if your teacher used 10 apples to help you learn 1-10 and then used 10 oranges, bananas, etc.? The point is too many examples to say the same point is not a value add. Some times less is more. Can you expand fewer examples to explain the idea?
    – Why does this theme inspire you? Have you searched your mind enough to understand why this topic sparked inspiration in you? If you have not found why, then you will not be able to inspire the audience effectively. The questions to ask yourself is what inspired you? Why? How it changed you? These are the questions which will help you build an inspiring speech
    – Inspiration is a feeling, not a logical decision. Too much of information only enlightens, audience need to experience at one of the examples with your help to feel the inspiration. How can you make them experience any of the story that you shared?
    – Did you consider what the audience will be thinking at each juncture of you speech? What is their mind set? How you can elevate their motivation level to feel inspired? If you were in the audience, would you wish to quit your job and do something passionately or do your job passionately?

    Other than that, I would suggest you to adapt gestures which you are comfortable with rather than what you are made to believe is the TOASTMASTERS way. Adapt the body language the way you would do on a conversation with a friend. That ernest expression is likely to create a bigger impact.

    There are a few minor suggestions like choosing the appropriate phrases, eg. “making a choice” rather than “choosing a choice”.

    I really like the thought process behind the choice of the topic. I recommend you to choose a fewer examples/incidents which impacted you and weave a speech to make the audience experience them with you to make us share your inspiration for the topic

  3. You have picked a strong topic, which can have a solid impact on audience. You did justice to the objectives! Kudos!

    The transition and flow were smooth. The conclusion could have been formulated better – better wording and some punch lines may be 🙂
    Overall a great speech. Congratulations.







    In every speech of yours I have heard,you bring in wonderful values which are so simple and meaningful. Your ideas are genuine and unique. Even in this speech, you have beautifully explained 2 things; The examples are very relevant. Transition is smooth.

    The number of examples could have been reduced; with too many examples, the listener often loses track and forgets the previous ones. It is good to give some pause for the thoughts to sink in..
    The conclusion could have been a little more compelling.