ACB – Storytelling – Project 1 – TOO-TOO-MOO AND THE GIANT


ACB – Storytelling – Project 1 – TOO-TOO-MOO AND THE GIANT

Would really appreciate feedbacks.

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  1. You had a nice story and it is well presented by you by doing mono acting and voice modulation.

    According to me, speech opening was not effective and you started in a hurry. Instead, start with some quote or use some attention grabbing techniques. Even w.r.t conclusion, after seeing RED flag flashed by the Timer you wrapped it up very quickly and it was bit abrupt ending.

    You had a nice storyline, supporting facts, etc. All the best for your future speech projects..

  2. What I liked best about your speech was your body language and voice modulation.
    the drama with the steps when the giant comes, the knocing on the door.
    Voice modulation on discussion between giant and child
    the moment when she tied the hair knot.
    vivid descriotion of the scene and the characters involved including the fragrance of the sweet.

    Start with “Once upon a time”
    avoid unneceaary stage movement, overdoing it is distracting to audience
    The story did not have a good moral which the listenes can take away
    during voice modulation between giant and child, kids voice was not audible in video.

    It was a good speech with nice characters and words which caught peoples attended.
    Good drama and suspense was built well.
    Can be made better by rehearsing couple of more times.