CC1 My musical expedition


1989, my mother gave birth to a cute, chubby child in a hospital at Kasargod, a part of Kerala. That baby was my brother. 5 years later on March 1st , another baby was born and that was … Justin Bieber. The same year my mom gave birth to a child in Fr. Muller’s Hospital, Mangalore. That baby was later named Archana.
Being Bieber’s classmate, even though we studied in different countries, my mom thought that I should also excel in my musical skills. So I joined the classical music class at the age of 6, which was in my neighbourhood. My brother was already the student of that class. We had to pay 40/- per month to just watch cricket match that Indian team played rather than learn songs. As years passed, my mom did not find any improvement either in mine or my brother’s singing. When she asked the teacher about this, she told that we never practiced at home. She also said that my brother had a better vocal texture than that of mine. I was taken aback with her last statement. My mom thought that there is some problem with my teacher and planned to change my Guru. Actually, we had to change our house and so I changed my teacher when I reached grade 7. However, my brother dropped his idea of continuing.
The new music class was bright and beautiful but unfortunately no cricket and I paid more fees. The new teacher thought I already knew the basics. In my 9th grade I won third prize in the classical music singing competition. All thanks to my sir and the other 4 contestants, which also includes me. Next year, I registered my name in the Junior grade exam conducted by the Karnataka state. In spite of the board exams, I somehow managed to pass. Again, thanks to the stories I recalled in my theory exam.
When I was in 12th standard, I had to take a break for 4 months from my music class because of the tution classes I had to attend. During my engineering I continued again. Few months back, I had to discontinue with my music class because I had to shift to Bangalore.
During this musical expedition of mine, I could meet legends like Late.Dr. M BalamuraliKrishnan, O S Tyagarajan, Shankaran Namboodri and others. If I get a chance I would like to continue my classes again and become an epitome that learning can be done lifelong.

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