Free Technology for Toastmasters – Part 1

Free Technology for Toastmasters – Article Series

The purpose of 'Free Technology for Toastmasters' article series is to discuss & share information about various free resources (free technology or free tools) available online and Toastmasters can use these FREE resources for the following purposes :

  • To conduct regular Toastmasters meetings easily and effectively
  • Speech rehearsal purposes
  • Live streaming
  • To improve public speaking skills
  • To improve speech evaluation skills
  • To perform other roles more effectively like Grammarian, Ah-Counter, Timer
  • Exploring vocabulary
  • To improve impromptu speaking
  • To improve presentation skills
  • To learn about various FREE online tranings or courses about Public Speaking
  • and many more. . .


Let's explore Part 1 of this article series which showcases few free tools to help Toastmasters.


( 1 ) Official Toastmasters International Mobile App for Android and iOS

The Toastmasters International Mobile App is the first OFFICIAL app designed to help you perform your role at club meetings with convenience and ease.  It gives you instant access to your club roster and features a built-in Ah-Counter that counts filler words, a grammarian function that keeps track of the Word of the Day and an easy-to-use timer.

Highlights of this app :
* You can choose the role player from 'Select a Member' dropdown list and it is populated with the names of all active members of the club associated with the logged in user.
* TAG roles (Timer, Grammarian, Ah-Counter) job made easier than ever before with this app.
* History section to track the progress or to review the observations on a later date.
* This app encourages Toastmasters to go paperless. A go green initiative. Also it avoids dependency on others to provide you a role player sheet.
* App is available on both Android and iOS, which is FREE of cost.
* Easy to use interface and no learning curve needed. You can start without any issues after launching the app as it is self-explanatory.

How to use the mobile app :

More Info : The Toastmasters International Official Mobile App


(2) Oneword – Don't think, just write. is a popular website which is all about being inspired by words rather than defining words or talking about words.

There are plenty of other sites dedicated to learning new words and improving your vocabulary. oneword™ is dedicated to helping writers learn to flow.

In website, you'll see one word at the top of the screen upon clicking 'go' button and you'll have 60 seconds to write about it. So your clock starts ticking the moment you click 'go' button. Within a minute, just write about whatever you know about the word that appears on the screen. After timeout, you can submit what you've written and you can see what others thought or wrote about the same word. This site can be used by Toastmasters to improve their writing skills and impromptu speaking (or speech writing) skills.

You can explore oneword™ website at


(3) Periscope – Live video streaming app for iOS and Android

Periscope is the easiest way to broadcast live video from your phone, enabling you to share what's happening around you – with the whole world or just a few friends – as it happens. Going live will instantly notify your followers, who can join, comment and send you hearts in real time. Periscope was acquired by Twitter in 2015. Toastmasters can use this app to do the live streaming of the entire session, specific project speech or speech evaluation, etc. 

Other features :

  • REPLAY : When your broadcast is over, you can make it available for replay so viewers can watch later. Viewers can replay your broadcast with comments and hearts to relive the full experience. Replays currently last 24 hours. You can delete your replay at any time.
  • PRIVATE : If you want to broadcast to specific people, press the Private option before going live and choose who you want to invite to your broadcast. 
  • TWITTER : You can choose to share your Periscope broadcasts on Twitter by tapping the bird icon before you start broadcasting. When you go live, you’ll tweet a link so that your Twitter followers can watch on the web (or in the app)
  • MANAGE NOTIFICATIONS : Periscope will suggest people for you to follow based on your Twitter network. You can always follow new people, or unfollow them if you don’t want to be notified when they go live. You can also adjust notification preferences in Periscope Settings (in Profile)
  • HEARTS : Hearts are a fun, easy way to let the broadcaster know you're enjoying the broadcast. Tap the screen to share the love!

You can download and explore Periscope from iOS or Android Play.

More about Periscope at


In the next article ( part 2 ), we'll explore other free tools or free apps or free technology useful for Toastmasters.