Free Technology for Toastmasters – Part 2

Free Technology for Toastmasters – Article Series


The purpose of 'Free Technology for Toastmasters' article series is to discuss & share information about various free resources (free technology or free tools available online) useful for Toastmasters.


Let's explore Part 2 of this article series which showcases few free tools that helps Toastmasters.


( 1 ) Public Speaking for Cardboard

– The Virtual Speech App for Android.


Public Speaking for Cardboard is the Virtual Speech app. It will help you practice for public speaking events, by providing a photo-realistic environment to train in. It aims to help you overcome the fear of public speaking by putting you in front of a virtual audience. Works with Google Cardboard on Android and iOS version is coming soon.

Public Speaking for Cardboard allows you to select a location of your choice — a small conference room (15+ capacity) and a large auditorium (300+ capacity) — with animated audience members and ambient sound makes you feel like you are speaking on stage.

For speech rehearsals, using this app is certainly a better way to practice in front of a virtual audience using Virtual Reality cardboard headset than rehearsing the speech in front of a mirror or glancing through the speech script / notes.

Download Public Speaking for Cardboard from Google Play



( 2 ) Toastmaster Timer android app on Google Play


Ever played the role of the Timer in a Toastmasters meeting? If yes, you know that it can be a choice… you have to constantly check stopwatch and it takes your attention away from enjoying the speeches.

Prior to the launch of official Toastmasters app, I used to use Toastmaster Timer android app to record the timing of a speaker or role player. User interface is very clean and easy to use. Also, I love the nice report generated at the end of a meeting which summarizes everything.

This is definitely one of the Best Timer app for Toastmasters as it provides clean user interface and very easy to use. Now, Timer role goes paperless with this app.

Only drawback compared to official Toastmasters app is "It doesn't pick the speaker or role player from the active Toastmasters members list instead you've to manually type the speaker or role player name". Otherwise, any Timer role player can easily rely on this app for recording the timings.

Download Toastmaster Time android app from Google Play


In the next article ( part 3 ), we'll explore other free tools or free apps or free technology useful for Toastmasters.