Overcome fear of public speaking by Neurobiologist Diana Dentinger

Public speaking is one of the top fears that people have. What can you do to overcome the fear of public speaking ?

Full Speech Script :

0:00 they say the public speaking is one of
0:01 the top fears that people have and i’ll
0:04 tell you why if this is one of your
0:06 fears and also I help you get over it

Get over your fear of public speaking.

0:08 so I am Diana Dentinger best-selling author
0:14 of the book “Modus Vivendi – Your Life Your Way”
0:16 and the creator of “Personality and Needs Profile”
0:18 and your life your
0:20 way coaching program so to create all
0:22 these materials i said this in a
0:24 neurobiology therapist to unblock
0:26 psychosomatic illness as well as being
0:29 in the coaching the personal development
0:30 and training field for the past 25 years
0:33 so I’ve studied human behavior and as
0:37 really really the thing and dedicated my
0:40 life to

Neurobiologist corporate trainer.

now being that we have a nervous
0:46 system and the brain our brain is what
0:49 elaborates all the impulses from the
0:51 outside world and down here they’re
0:53 called the reptile brain it’s the animal
0:56 brain and when you’re public speaking
0:58 which means you are maybe on a stage in
1:01 front of other people
1:03 this animal it starts to feel threatened

Your animal brain. You are threatened by those “predators”.

1:07 [Music]
1:09 your animal brain will tell you that you
1:12 are this lone sheep and all around
1:16 you is a pack of wolves this animal part
1:21 will tell you that you have no
1:23 protection and it will also tell you
1:27 that being alone standing alone being
1:32 seen in front of other people means that
1:36 you can’t hide
1:38 you can’t run away if you become afraid
1:41 for all these predators right in front
1:44 of you and then your middle brain will
1:46 be triggered with all those little kind
1:49 of thought patterns predictable things
1:51 of the first time you sit up and told
1:55 the poem at home or for the time you
1:58 wanted to do a recital of school and the
2:01 middle brain will retrigger
2:03 automatically Any kind of self doubts or
2:07 frustration or timidness or nervousness
2:11 to be seen by this pack of wolves so
2:15 then these two parts of your brain to
2:17 start to collaborate to make you feel
2:19 really uncomfortable

Your middle brain. You are triggered by first time fears.

2:26 so what can you do to overcome the fear of public speaking
2:28 the only thing is to move up to the
2:31 frontal cortex which is your potential
2:34 which is knowing in my studies which are
2:39 the unique individual needs
2:41 what are your innate talents what are you
2:44 naturally good at and when you stand
2:47 in this power of being someone who has a
2:51 unique combination of personality and
2:54 talents and strengths when you stand in
2:56 this confidence in this clarity and in this
2:59 certainty of all of your positive traits
3:03 then you can override the higher aspect
3:07 of your brain this higher area overrides the
3:11 automatic nervousness it overrides the
3:14 animal it feels like afraid to the
3:17 predator

Your higher brain. Override fears with your talents.

3:18 so you know there’s a lot of tricks and
3:23 techniques that they put up on internet
3:25 and and yet they’re very very
3:28 superficial and sure lasting until you
3:32 know exactly what you’re good at
3:36 who you are why you’re here your purpose
3:40 in life what is your full potential
3:43 then these lower areas of your brain
3:45 will override this more confident sure
3:49 clear parts of your brain and so how
3:52 then do you understand all your innate
3:54 talents well you can go and visit my
3:56 site www.dianadentinger.com where I offer you the
4:00 opportunity to get your personality needs profile
4:02 and you can sign up for group
4:04 coaching your life your way you have
4:11 that crystal clear clarity about your
4:15 innate talents so then you can feel
4:18 confident in front of people because you
4:20 know exactly who you are and this brings
4:24 you that ability that
4:27 aura of energy that strength to be able
4:30 to really speak your message to be firm
4:34 in who you are and to not fall into
4:36 those really small lower brain kind of
4:40 programs of being triggered easily in
4:43 the automatic reaction or in the animal
4:46 feeling like a prey to go ahead and
4:48 visit my other videos at www.dianadentinger.com
4:51 and while you’re there check out how to
4:53 get your personality and needs profile
4:56 you can stand in this confidence and
4:58 really override any fear not just in
5:01 public speaking but really anywhere in
5:03 your life
5:04 go ahead dianadentinger.com
5:06 [Music]

Diana Dentinger

Diana Dentinger is a Neurobiologist, Corporate Trainer, International Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author, Corporate Team Building Specialist and Executive Coach for over 25 years.

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