EvaluateSpeech.com Overview

Online speech evaluation made easier.
Publish your speech and get it evaluated using social network.

Online speech publishing and speech evaluation made easier
Rate the speech on various speech evaluation factors
Share your speech on Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, etc
Points management system helps to reward active users
Record directly from browser or smartphone using a camera or microphone
Publish or Evaluate Speeches from iOS or android smartphone
Embed your speeches from YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, AudioBoom, etc
Get a unique QR code for each of your published speeches or posts
Authenticate using FB, Google, Twitter and Wordpress account
Upload 32MB* of speech content per file.
Geotag your speech location

Core Features

  • Star Rating and Review - Provides precise unambiguous comments and specific 5 star rating on various speech evaluation parameters
  • Editorial Comments (Mentoring) - Facilitates private discussion between speakers and mentors before and after publishing a speech
  • Inline Comments - Ability to comment on specific paragraphs in a speech script
  • Point System - Helps identify the best speaker and evaluator based on the points accumulated for various activities on the site

Don’t evaluate the person or their objective.
Evaluate how well the message is delivered, not the messenger. Keep your comments focused on the presentation.

Andrew Dlugan, Six Minutes is a public speaking and presentation skills website.

Powerful Features

  • Group Notification - Email notifications to all members of a user chosen group or individuals on speech status change
  • Speech Categories - Simplest way to categorize your speech among the numerous options like Motivational, Humorous etc. Allows adding new categories too
  • Report spam - Notify admin about SPAM content
  • Rich Text Editor - Powerful online rich text editor to compose your speech
  • Tagging - Associate your speech with one or more tags. Useful to search and retrieve any speech using tags

Express your opinion. Avoid speaking on behalf of the audience with phrases like “Everyone thought…” or “The audience felt…” You can only accurately talk about are your own thoughts and feelings.

Other Features

  • Social Sharing - Share speeches on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon etc
  • Social Login - Login using your Facebook or Google account to publish a speech or to evaluate speech
  • SEO - Automatically optimize your speech content for Search engines such as Google
  • Private Posts - Allows password protected speech content publishing

No matter how you choose to structure your evaluation, be sure it has the three necessary components : Praise, Areas of improvement and specific suggestions.

Team EvaluateSpeech.com

Nanda Kishor K N Founder

Founder of EvaluateSpeech.com aims to make online speech evaluation easier and it is an effort in that direction.

He is a Webmaster, Java Enthusiast, Enterprise Portal Developer, Foodie, Toastmaster, Traveller, SEO, SMO, WordPress Fan, Loves Photography, Veggie Lover, Ex-Sun Employee, Proud Dad, Bangalorean, An INDIAN.Passion for building stronger online communities and aiming to build a self-sustainable high traffic websites which is informative yet useful to as many people as possible.

More about Nanda Kishor at : NandaKishor.com

IBC Titans Volunteers

IBC Titans is a vibrant corporate Toastmasters Club at Oracle India Pvt Ltd, Krishna Magnum, JP Nagar, Bangalore, India.

It has 20+ active, energetic and enthusiastic members participate in regular weekly meetings to improve their communication and leadership skills. In the past, they have won several awards and received prestiguous President Distinguesh Club award too. They have volunteered to participate in EvaluateSpeech.com to publish their speeches and get it evaluated using the power of social network.

More about IBC Titans at : IBCTitans.wordpress.com